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Q. How Do I Book a Tour?

Please click "Book Now" button and open the online booking system. It's easy and fast. You can complete your booking procedures up to payment within 5-10 min.

Q. How Do I Find a Tour on the Booking System?

On the first page of the booking system, latest 4 days' worth available tours are indicated on the table. For the easiest and quickest way to find the tour you wish to participate, please take the following process.

1. Click and open a calendar (on the top), and select the date you wish to apply.

2. Then, click the left pull-down button right underneath the calendar and select the tour name.

3. 4 days' worth selected tour (starting from the date you chose) is indicated. The leftmost one is the tour you selected.

Q. How Do I Pay?

You can pay through secure Paypal payment system. With Paypal, your credit card information is strictly protected and is never shared with any third parties including us. It's quick and safe!

Q. What Happens After I Completed My Booking.

Your tour guide will send you a confirmation email with some points to be checked shortly after he/she received your booking information. Please confirm the following items carefully to avoid miscommunication with your guide:
1) pick-up place,
2) tour ending place,
3) amount of local cash to be prepared,

4) travel insurance of all members,
5) requests for meal if any, 
6) places you want to visit, or things you want to experience if any (guide will reschedule itinerary as far as possible), etc.

*Please be noted that the tour may be cancelled if a serious fact against our regulations is found. In that case, the tour fee will be refunded according to our cancellation policy. 

Q.  Will I Receive a Reminder Email?

Yes, you will receive a reminder email 1 or 2 days before the excursion date.

Q.  Can I Extend the Tour Time?

Yes, you can. Excess fee is JPY3000 per 30 min. Please pay in cash directly to the guide at the end of the tour.

Q.  What is a Necessary Charge?

Necessary charge means the charges which will incur to a guide during the tour. Necessary charge includes admission fee, transportation fee, fee for lunch... .As this is included in the tour price, no additional fees will be charged except time-excess fee.

Q. Can I Cancel the Tour?

Yes, you can. In that case the tour fee will be refunded according to our cancellation policy. 

*Please be noted that if cancellation fees to third parties have already incurred such as train tickets and accommodation, these cancellation fees will also be deducted from your refund money.

Q. Can I Change the Tour Date?

You can change the tour date 2 times (maximum) as long as the schedule can be fixed. However, if the cancellation fees to third parties have already incurred such as train/bus tickets, rent-a-car and accommodation, these cancellation fees shall be charged despite the remaining duration until the original booked date. 

*Please be noted that even if the schedule can't be fixed and you are finally driven into situation where you have to cancel your booking, your cancellation will be treated as normal cancellation. We kindly ask you to fix your schedule at earlier stage.  

If you have further questions, please inquire with us at any time. is our partner company.

Attractive Destinations of our Guided Tour


One Day Tokyo Exploring

Visit Tokyo's most representative Sightseeing spots with a local guide.  

7 hours 


Half Day Tokyo Exploring

Choose 2~3 spots where you want to visit or experience with a local guide.

4 hours


Tokyo Exploring by a Private Car     

Visit Tokyo's attractive spots by a private car. You can also decide the tour pace from slow to fast

8 hours.



One Day Kawagoe Exproring 

Enjoy old landscape and atmosphere of Edo period with a loca guide.

7 hours.


Chichibu Exploring by a Private Car


Explore Chichibu, a town of history and pilgrimage by a private car.

8 hours.


Zen Meditation Experience 


Meditation Experience at a tranquil zen temple and sightseeing with hot spring.

8.5 hours.


One Day Kamakura Exploring

Visit Daibutsu, Hachimangu, Hasedera, Zeniarai Benten,relaxing cafe...

9 hours 


Experience Tokyo Nightlife

From Budget to luxury, we'll guide you to brief experience of the wold's largest megacity nightlife.

3 hours