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Old Farmhouse Ryokan 'Miyamoto-ke', Chichibu, Saitama

On entering Chichibu, many visitors feel as if they were passing through a time warp into another country or a bygone era as the train leaves behind Tokyo’s crowded suburbs and winds through steep slopes forested with oaks, beeches and cedars. The Oku Chichibu highlands, however, are a mere 70 kilometers northwest of Tokyo, or about 50 minutes by rail.

Renovated a 200-year-old farmhouse, Miyamotoke is a quaint Japanese style ryokan situated in the town of Ogano nestled among vast mountains of Oku Chichibu where historical pilgrimage temples are scattered around. The ryokan enjoys amazing views that delicately change each season throuhout a year. 

On renovation, Miyamotoke aimed to establish clean and comfortbale environment of modernity suitable for a holiday inn while retaining the feels of original old folk house. Particularly, the bar (renovated an old storage-house) is a space of comfort, and offers guests relaxing time after sunset. 

4 out of 6 guest-rooms are equipped with a cozy private bath room (2 are equipped with open air bath). The facility includes an in-door bath, an open-air bath and a karaoke room. Miyamotoke also offers a variety of accommodation plans to enrich a journey of each guest.

In addition to the vegetables and local ingredients cultivated on-site and used in this inn's hearth-grilled menu, the bar makes use of a converted wine cellar, and it is here that you can try homemade fruit liqueurs.

1 Indoor bath, 1 Open-air bath

Sightseeing Spots Close to the Inn:
Chichibu Shrine
Mitsumine Shrine
Hitsujiyama Park
Nagatoro / Ara river
Hodosan Shrine
1st ~ 34th Fudasho (temples where amulets are distributed to pilgrims)

Chichibu Yomatsuri (night festiva), one of the 3 major Hikiyama Festivals (Gion/Kyoto, Takayama, Chichibu) Held on Dec 2~3.


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Sightseeing Spots

Hitsujiyama Park
Cafe Chaco
Seiun-ji Temple
Sekiryu-zan Hashidate-do
kannon-in No.31
Iwayasan Kyusho-ji No.25
Hodo-san Shrine
Taizando Cafe
Chichibu shrine
Mitsumine Shirine
Seiun-ji Temple
Saizen-ji Temple
Zuiryu-zan Houn-ji Temple No.30
Taizando Cafe
Cafe Chaco
Mitsumine Shrine
Asami Camping Ground
Saizen-ji Temple
Chichibu-jaya Cafe
Zuiryu-zan Houn-ji Temple No.30
Zuiryu-in Houn-ji No.30
Musashiya, Soba Noodle

Cultual Events & Activities

Nagatoro Boat Ride
Chichibu Yomatsuri
Nagatoro Rafting
Chichibu Yomatsuri
Nagatoro, Canoe
Bon Odori


Access and Sightseeing Spots

From Ikebukuro: Take Seibu Line, 'Red Arrow' to Seibu Chichinu (1hour & 20 minutes). Take a taxi to Miyamoto-ke (20 minutes).   Since there is an onsen facility called 'Miyamoto Onsen' nearby, tell the name of this ryokan to the driver clearly. 
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