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"Most people in Japan are not fluent in English, and if they do speak、 it is mostly with a cursory understanding, kind of like an American high school graduate's knowledge of Spanish.

Older people mostly have much poorer English skills than young people. Outside of the busiest areas of Tokyo and Kyoto, you will find that most people will not be as responsive to "Hello" and "Excuse me", and may shy away if they think that you know no Japanese at all." said gotanuki (screen name) from Oakland, Calif. in the tripadviser forum after his first visit to Japan. Apart from a language issue, Japan is a very friendly place for travelers, and everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand. But still, the fact remains that you will face language barrier problems in various situations while you stay in Japan.


What Would You Do If...

1. Most restaurants do not have English menus and waitresses do not speak English.

2. Ticket vending machines at restaurants have no English explanation.

3. You can't easily find the way to your destination when you get lost.  

4. You can't correctly tell a clerk what item you are looking for.

5. You can't tell a policeman when, where, and how you lost your valuable belongings.

6. You can't exactly tell people around about your symptoms when you suddenly get sick, etc, etc.. 


What We Do

Accommodation Japanesque offers on-demand telephone interpreting service for assisting travelers to solve their language issues which may occur while they stay in Japan. Language barrier could be a serious issue for travelers, sometimes. Particularly, if you are accompanied with children or elderly, or if you are a leader of a travel group, you are required to get prepared for an emergency situation also from a language perspective. All you have to do is just call our telephone interpreting service and tell us about the issue you are facing. We will provide with an immediate solution as your private interpreter. 
A single bad experience is capable of ruining your whole journey. We promise to make your journey comfortable, smooth, and trouble-free through our expertised communication skills.

How to apply for our telephone interpreting Service

1. Click 'Click Here to Apply for Telephone Interpreting' below to open the application form.

2. Use Online Scheduling button on the left and select the date you wish to start our service. 
3. For time choice section, select an arbitrary time, only to go to next screen. (This button is originally          designed to set to schedule an appointment, and has nothing to do with our service, so please just            ignore it.)
4. Open message form and fill out blanks, and submit.
5. Finish payment via Paypal (recommended).
6. Receive confirmation mail.

*For payment, you can also choose secure Paypal email invoicing system. 


 Rate per day (not available at the moment) JPY 1000 / person / day Offer special discount for a couple and a family.
Rate per minuteJPY 200 / minute