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Thatched House Ryokan 'Kikusui Kan'

Osawa Onsen, Iwate

1200 years ago, Osawa Onsen was found when Sakanoue Tamuramaro was ordered the eastern expedidion. Since then, It has been favored by many people including noted authors such as Kenji Miyazawa, Kohtaro Takamura, etc. Surrounded by the rich nature of Iwate prefecture, Kikusuikan creates a nostalgic atmosphere as if you stray into the Japanese folk tale world.
Kikusuiikan is composed with two buildings of a wooden architecture and a thatched house. The 160-year old thatched house was once used as a regular inn of successive lords of Nanbu clan.

Standard Room Charge: (per person, with 2 meals, tax not included)

One room type: JPY6,800, 7600 ~

Two-room type: JPY9,600 ~

Rest only: JPY2,500 ~ (no meals)

��Special prices are applied to peak season.

Provides a variety of Japnese style of dishes cooked with fresh ingredients collected from the rich nature of Iawate prefecture.

Hot Springs:
Geusts can enjoy 7 different types of bath at three inns of Osawa Onsen.
Indoor, Nanbu no yu
Indoor, Yakushi no yu
Open air, Kawabe no yu
Open air, Osawa no yu
Open air, Toyosawa no yu

Sight Seeing Spot:
Located about 45 minutes away from Osawa Onsen, there is the world heritage Hiraizumi famous for the Chuson-ji Temple Konjiki-do (golden hall) .


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From Tokyo: 
Take Tohoku Shinkansen to Shin Hanamaki (2 hours & 41 minutes).��Take a taxi to  Osawa Onsen (35 miutes.) Or take Tohoku Honsen (not direct, takes over 9 hours)  to Hanamak. Take a bus to Osawa Onsen ( 30 minutes)

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