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Top 10 Questions

Top 10 Questions

What does the price include?
All the facilities listed under the room type are included in the room price. To see the facilities, just click on the room name. You can see if breakfast or anything else, such as taxes, are included by rolling your cursor over the text in the column called "Conditions." This information will also be in your confirmation email, and can be found in your account when you sign in.
Can I make a reservation without a credit card?
You'll need a valid credit card to guarantee your reservation with most hotels. However, we are offering an increasing number of hotels that will guarantee your booking without a credit card. You also have the option to book a hotel using someone else’s credit card, provided you have their permission. In this case, when making your reservation please note the cardholder’s name and confirm that you have permission to use their card in the "Special Requests" box.
How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?
As soon as you've completed the booking process the confirmation page appears. We also email a copy of this confirmation to you. Your confirmation includes all of your reservation details, as well as a booking number and your PIN code. Your booking number and PIN code will only be needed if you contact Customer Service. You can also access your confirmation online, see details of your reservation, or make changes to your booking anytime by signing in to your account.
Can I cancel or change my reservation through
Yes, it’s easy. You can cancel or change your booking by signing in to your account. Please remember to check the property's cancellation policy before making any changes to your booking. Non-refundable rooms and other special deals can have a different cancellation policy. Room-specific cancellation information is included next to the room type under the "Conditions" column.
What is my PIN code and what do I need it for?
Your PIN code is the 4-digit number on your booking confirmation which, along with your booking number, lets us easily recognize you if you contact Customer Service.
Where can I find the contact information for the property?
If you have a question for a property before you book, please see the information under "Policies" and "Facilities" of that property on our website. If you can't find your answer there, please contact Customer Service by phone or email, and we'll be happy to ask on your behalf.
Once you've booked, you can see the property’s contact details in your online booking confirmation. Your confirmation email will also have this information, and you can see it in underManage Booking as well. The mobile app also includes this information.
How can I see how much it will cost?
Once you've entered the dates of your stay, the rates will be clearly displayed along with the available room types.
I am entering my credit card details. When will I be charged?
The payment process for your stay varies based on the individual hotel and room type. You can check how you will be charged for your stay in the "Hotel Policies," in the room description under "Conditions" and in your booking confirmation.
Does the hotel need a deposit or payment in advance?
Most hotels don't require a payment or deposit in advance. If they do, you can find the details under "Hotel Policies" on the hotel’s page and in your confirmation email.
We have children; can we get extra beds/cribs in the room?
Information regarding children and extra beds/cribs can be found under "Hotel Policies." Please take note of the following:
  • Any additional fees for children are not included in the reservation price.
  • During the online booking process, please make your request for any extra bed/crib in the "Special Requests" box provided.
  • If you’ve already booked your stay, just click the link provided in your email confirmation or at My to request an extra bed.
  • We recommend calling the hotel prior to your arrival to guarantee your request. You can find the hotel’s contact information in your confirmation email.

Room Types
Credit Cards
Property Policies
Cancellation/Change of a Reservation
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