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Nishimuraya, Kinosaki Onsen, Hyogo

SHINISE RYOKAN Kinosaki Onsen, Nishimuraya
A hundred and fifty-year old, long established ryokan, Nishimuraya stands in Kinosaki Onsen district (Hyogo pref.) known as a set of a novel "A Cape of Kinosaki" by Naoya Shiga. The facility is composed of a historical main building and Shougetsu Tei of moderate exterior which has a 40-acre wide Japanese style garden, and both promise you a peaceful yet satisfiable stay and a highest hospitality.

Since Kinosaki is located near Japan sea, you can enjoy rich fresh-ingredient directly delivered from the nearest fishing ports day by day.
At the reception, guests can be offered a free ticket to make use of seven open-air public baths dotted around the district. Taking a strol around the district in Yukata taking diffrent types of open-air baths is a part of enjoyment of Kinosaki Onsen.
Seasonal events, etc.
Cherry blossom: April 1~7,8,9 (slightly different every year)
Onsen Festival; April 23, 24
Furusato Festival: August date TBA
Autum Festival: October 14, 15
Crab Festival: Nov. Mar. date TBA


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Sightseeing Spots

Cherry Blossom at Kiyamachi Koji
Kiyamachi Koji
Kinosaki Station Area
Sotoyu Meguri, Gosho no Yu Spa
Rinsen-ji Temple
Former Yonezawa Tech High Scool
Cafe on Top of the Mountain
Kiyamachi Koji
Kiyamachi Koji
Cherry Blossom at Kiyamachi Koji
Cafe Sorella Near Station
Ashiyu, Foot Spa
Taho-to / Onsen-ji
Takeno Beach
Toro (lantern) Nagashi
Viewing Fire Work
Sotoyu Meguri
Cafe Gelato Near Onsen-ji
Yakushi-do / Onsen-ji
Main Street of Kinosaki
Takeda Castle Ruins / Castle in the Sky

Cultual Events & Activities

Onsen Festival
Danjiri Festival
Canoe Experience / Click to open canoe center page
Toro (lantern) Nagashi
Snorkeling at Takeno Beach
Fire Works of Onsen Festival


Access and Sightseeing Spots

From Kyoto: Take special exress 'Kinosaki' (two and a half hours).
From Osaka: Take special express 'Kita Kinki' (two hours and forty minutes)

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