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One Day Kawagoe Exploring with a Local Guide

This service is currently suspended due to coronavirus.

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One day tour to explore Kawagoe with a knowledgeable private guide. Enjoy Nostalgic Townscape of 'little Edo', Kawagoe.

Rate: $180+$60 (necessary expenses) per group, now 50% discount of original rate $380

*Overtime fee will be charged: JPY3000 per 30 min.

7 hours, up to 5 or 6 persons (negotiable)


Below is a recommended itinerary.
We can flexibly adjust it as per your requests.

10:00: Meet you up at Kawagoe station.
10:30:   KItain Temple. Enjoy its historical architecture and beautiful garden.
11:30:    Honmaru (main bldg.) of Kawagoe Castle.
12:30:    Lunch at a Japanese restaurant (private room).

13:30:    Kimono experience. 

14:00;    Take a stroll around Kurazukuri no machinami in kimono.  

15:00:    Kashiya Yokocho (candy alley), Toki no Kane (bell tower)     

15:30:    Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine, rest at cafe

16:30:    Take off kimono and walk back to Kawagoe station.

17;00:    Tour ends.  

Where we will Visit:

Hikawa Shrine
Kita-in Temple
Honmaru Goten
Kimono wearing
Candy Alley
Kurazukuri no Machi
Hikawa Shrine, wind chime
 Kitain TempleFounded back in 830 by Ennin under the order of Emperor Junna. In Edo period, the 3rd Shogun Iemitsu transfered parts of Edo castle to Kitain. Presently, Kitain is the only place where you can see the original architectual structure of Edo castle.
Honmaru Goten of Kawagoe CastleHonmaru Goten, meaning "the palace in the inner-most circle of defense", is the only surviving building of the former Kawagoe Castle. It used to serve as the lord's residence and offices.
Kurazukuri no MachinamiWarehouse District ( Kurazukuri no Machinami) provides a nostalgic scene from the Edo Period (1603-1867). The word "kura" means "warehouse" in Japanese, and Kurazukuri are clay-walled warehouse-styled buildings that are constructed with an Edo architectural flavor.
Kashiya Yokocho (candy alley)Candy Alley (Kashiya Yokochō) is a little shopping street adjacent to the Warehouse District. It is lined by stores selling traditional Japanese sweets and cakes, which gave the alley its name. 
Hikawa Shrine The Main Shrine and other historical buildings that pass on Edo culture were registered as designated cultural properties of Saitama Prefecture. Known for enshrining the god of married couples, it is believed to be the "God of Marriage" .
Kimono wearing Rent Kimono at a shop Called Vivian. If you have a  'Kawagoe Dicount Ticket' issued by Tobu Railway, you can get a discount. Make sure to get one at  Tobu Ikebukuro Station on the way to Kawagoe.  
 Musubi Cafe at Hikawa Shrine Take a short break at Musubi Cafe In the tranquil environment of Hikawa Shrine. 


Meeting location: Kawagoe station.
End location: Kawagoe station
Duration: 7 hours


Use public transportation.


Guide fee and other expenses needed for escort.


JPY6000  per person: Total admission fees ( JPY1050), Tobu Discount Ticket (JPY950), kimono rentals (JPY2160~), lunch and tea, etc. 

*Overtime fee will be charged: JPY3000 per 30 min.  


Message from a Guide
Hi, Folks!
I'm Kuni, your future private guide.
Studied in Calif. and Hawaii.
Worked for US interactive company as a strategic web planner. Am also a copywriter and editor. 
Love traveling myself, and go to Kyoto alone a lot. I feel so settled and comfortable there. Not only because I'm a temple enthusiast...but I'm fascinated with its high standard of culture.
As a private guide, I presently offer tours to explore Tokyo, Kamakura, Kawagoe and Chicibu. Each course is assembled with attractive spots where I love to visit myself. With desire to make your excursion most memorable.... Look forward to seeing you soon!  

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