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One Day Chichibu Exploring by Train & a Private Car

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One day tour to explore Chichibu with a knowledgeable private guide by train & a private car.


$420+$150 (necessary expense) per group of 1-5 persons

$420+$200 (necessary expense) per group of 6-7 persons

now 50% discount of original guide rate $840

8 hours, 1 to 7 persons

On entering Chichibu, many visitors feel as if they were passing through a time warp into another country or a bygone era as the train leaves behind Tokyo’s crowded suburbs and winds through steep slopes forested with oaks, beeches and cedars. The Oku Chichibu highlands, however, are a mere 70 kilometers northwest of Tokyo, or about 50 minutes by rail.


Below is a recommended itinerary.
We can flexibly adjust it as per your requests.

8:15: Meet you up at your hotel. If your hotel is located outside Tokyo, additional fee is needed.
9:30:   Take special express Red Arrow from Ikebukuro.
11:00:    Arrive at Chichibu station.
11:30:    Chichibu Shrine

12:30:    Lunch at soba noodle shop, Musashiya or at a cafe, Chaco

13:30:    Kyusho-ji Temple      

14:30:    Nagatoro boat ride, adventure course 3km (30min) or Hodosan Shrine (ropeway) 

15:30:    Take a stroll around Nagatoro Iwadatami Rocks and souvenir shop street.   

16;25.    See you off at Chichibu station. Tour ends.

Where we will Visit:

 Chichibu ShrineThe Shrine has over 1000 years of history started from 878 a.c.e. Most famous event of the shrine is Chichibu Yomatsuri (Chichibu Night Festival) which is the three most important cultural mountain festivals of Japan
Kyusho-ji Temple This temple is also called Mitehan-ji because, long ago,  Saint Shoku dedicated a hand seal (Mitehan) given by The Great King Yama. Also famous for its beautifule pond spreading behind the temple.
Nagatoro Boat RideRiver boating has been enjoyed in Nagatoro since the beginning of the 20th century, and is one of the town's major attractions, bringing in 200,000 visitors a year. Ride a boat handled by a skilled boatman and view the gorgeous valley that is a natural monument while cruising down powerful rapids and gentle currents.
Hodo-san Shrine and Mt. HodoHodo-san Shrine was established in the time of 12th emperor, Keiko. In Japanese Myth, the Royal Prince Yamato Takeru no Mikoto built the shrine here during the expedition of war to the eastern Japan. When he was surrounded by the enemy's fire, the divine dog appeared and saved him from the fire. He highly respected this dog and built the shrine here. 

The Summit of Mt. Hodo offers a view of the surrounding townscape and mountains.
 Nagatoro IwadatamiLayered rock formations at a beautiful gorge along the Arakawa river reminded ancient Japanese of stacked tatami mats, so they named this place Iwadatami 
Musashiya, soba noodle shopOffers delicious soba noodles and tempura
Cafe ChacoLodge like cafe. Offers tasty coffee, tea, hand-made cakes and meals. 
Chichibu Shrine
Hodosan Shrine
Cafe Chaco
Kyusho-ji Temple

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Iwadatami Rocks
Nagatoro Boa Riding


Meeting location: At your hotel lobby. If your hotel is located ouside Tokyo, meet you up at some major station in Tokyo.
End location: Chichibu station
Duration: 8 hours


Use public transportation and a private car.


Guide fee and other expenses needed for escort.


JPY6500 per person: Red Arrow (JPY2840), Nagatoro Boat Ride (JPY 1600), lunch (JPY2000)

*Overtime fee will be charged: JPY3000 per 30 min.  


Message from a Guide
Hi, Folks!
I'm Kuni, your future private guide.
Studied in Calif. and Hawaii.
Worked for US interactive company as a strategic web planner. Am also a copywriter and editor. 
Love traveling myself, and go to Kyoto alone a lot. I feel so settled and comfortable there. Not only because I'm a temple enthusiast...but I'm fascinated with its high standard of culture.
As a private guide, I presently offer tours to explore Tokyo, Kamakura, Kawagoe and Chicibu. Each course is assembled with attractive spots where I love to visit myself. With desire to make your excursion most memorable.... Look forward to seeing you soon!  

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