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Luxuary Ryokan 'Yuyado Souan', Izumo, Shimane

Luxury Holiday to Spend with Someone Special

Situated in Yunokawa Onsen known as Bijin-no-yu (beauty hot spring), Yuyado Souan is a Shimane's representative luxury ryokan priding the heart warming hospitality and ultimate comfort.

Yunokawa hot spring, located approx. 10 minutes by car from Izumo Airport, is said to have a high skin-beautification effect, and is regarded as one of three beauty hot springs of Japan together with Ryujin Onsen in Wakayama Prefecture and Kawanaka Onsen in Gumma Prefecture. This hot spring is believed to have been discovered by the goddess, Yagami-hime who appears in Japanese mythology.
*If interested in the mythology:

Yuyado Souan is a quaint ryokan renovated 120-year old folk houses composed of several annexes, accommodation buildings, a restaurant, a concept shop and bath houses. Souan, originally a fish shop, was founded as a hot spring inn 50 years ago. And in 2004, it was totally renewed to the present shape and reborn as Shimane's representative luxury ryokan. Upon renovation, they relocated old folk houses to the site from all over Japan while furnishing them with British antique furniture, with the theme of fusion of Western and Oriental of the same era.

There are total 17 guest rooms with 5 rooms with semi open-air bath and 12 rooms without bath. Every guest can utilize six types of reserved baths with a lock featuring each different atmosphere. Both morning and evening meals are served in a dining room called "Suzuna".

Standard Room Charge (tax included, with 2 meals):
*Reference price.

Twin room without bath: JPY24,500~ per person for a group of 2
32 m² Garden view Flat-screen TV  Air conditioning

Triple room without bath: JPY26,000~ per person for a group of 2, JPY25,000~ per person for a group of 3 
50 m² Garden view Flat-screen TV  Air conditioning

Junior Suite with semi open air bath: JPY34,000~ per person for a group of 2
78 m²~ Terrace Flat-screen TV  Air conditioningBathtub Private bathroom

Guests can enjoy Kaisekii Ryori cooked with seasonal fesh-ingredients such as crabs and Shimane beef . 


Souan's hot spring baths are fed directly from the Yunokawa Hot Springs source, thus the water is all naturally heated and circulated, constantly being renewed for bathing pleasure.

6 different types of reserved baths

Characteristics of the Yunokawa Hot Springs water

Brings relief from neuralgia, muscle and joint pain, muscle stiffness and disorders, sprains, chronic digestive disorders and poor circulation. Provides relief from fatigue, promotes recuperation from injury and disease, improves general health and burn scarring healing, and helps soothe chronic skin disorders. It is also believed to relieve discomfort from chronic female disorders, benefit undernourished children, and help relieve arterial sclerosis.


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Sightseeing Spots

Izumo Taisha, Torii Gate
Izumo Taisha, Overview
Benten-jima, sunset
Karakama Shrine
Matsue Castle
Adachi Museum
Taikodani-inari Shrine
Izumo Taisha, Approach
Izumo Taisha, Okuninushi
Benen-jima, stars
Karakama Shrine
Susa Shrine
Adachi Museum
Iwami Silver Mine
Taikodani-inari Shrine
Izumo Taisha, Haiden
Karakama Shrine
Kamossu Shrine
Tsuwano, little Kyoto
Iwami Silver Mine
Tswano Castle Ruin

Cultual Events & Activities

Mtaue Sakura Mtasuri: Mar.25~ 

Matsue Samurai Warrior Parade: Aril.7, 2018

Izumo Fire Works: Aug.12, 2017

Izumo Kamimukae Shinji at Inasa Beach: Nov.27, 2017, 19:00~

Izumo, Kamimukae-shinji
Matsue, Samurai Warrior Parade
Izumo, Fire Works
Matsue Castle Sakura Matsuri

 Access and Sightseeing Map

Take Shinkansen to Okayama. Transfer to Limited Express Train to Izumo (2 hours and 50 minutes). Transfer to San-in Honsen Local Line to Shobara (15 minutes), Take a taxi or walk (10 minutes on foot).
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Inn Temple Shrine Castle or Ruin of Castle Garden Park Embankment Lake Other

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